Getting An Amazing Part

This audition was great because I was only in Seventh Grade and I got a very good part in the end. I auditioned for the parts of Scar and Mufasa in the final callback. The play was double cast, but I got to be Scar in both casts. It was a lot of fun to be Scar and play the bad guy. Michael Unger was the director. He's a very fun person. He made every rehearsal interesting.

Michael Unger is a theatre and opera director whose work has been seen on stages from Los Angeles, to Chicago, to New York, to Yekaterinburg, Russia – and many places in between.  He has recently been named as the Associate Artistic Director of the York Theater in New York City. He is also the Artistic Director of the 12.14 Foundation which brings high-level performing arts education and programming to the resilient community of Newtown, CT.  The 12.14 Foundation/NewArts uses the performing arts as a vehicle for healing and promoting creativity, collaboration and community – to give children tools for their future. I enjoyed being a part of 12.14/NewArts.