Working With A Pro

I was just in Seventh Grade, but I was asked to audition for the Wooster High School Musical, which was Once Upon A Mattress. It was cool to be asked to be in the play. It was easy for me too, because I played Sir Studley in this show one year prior for Wilton Children's Theater. The High School kids were very nice to me. I enjoyed rehearsing with them.

Don Bovingloh was brought in to direct the play. Don has spent 40 years as a professional in show business as a writer, theatre director, acting coach, and television producer. He is also an experienced performer with more than 300 appearances in film, television, and theatre in Los Angeles, New York and in between. I was impressed when I found out that he was in "Murder, She Wrote" on TV and "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway. He expanded my ideas about what acting truly is. He told me that acting isn't pretending to be someone, it's actually being someone.