There's Nothing Like Theater. Here Are The Plays That I've Been In ...

  • Being Grumpy And Funny

    Being Grumpy And Funny

    I was in Eighth Grade when I got the part of Shrek. This was my second Wooster Middle School Play.…


  • The Magic Of Theater

    The Magic Of Theater

    This was my third show with 1214 Foundation/NewArts. I has in Eighth Grade at the time and I got two…


  • Getting An Amazing Part

    Getting An Amazing Part

    This audition was great because I was only in Seventh Grade and I got a very good part in the…


  • Dancing For A Pro

    Dancing For A Pro

    Liberty Smith was a great play. It was a great combination of comedy and American History. I enjoyed being in…


  • Working With A Pro

    Working With A Pro

    I was just in Seventh Grade, but I was asked to audition for the Wooster High School Musical, which was…


  • My First Lead Role

    My First Lead Role

    I went into this Wooster Summer Theater play audition with higher hopes. I was only in Sixth Grade, but wanted…


  • My First Audition

    My First Audition

    On the first day of Sixth Grade the director encouraged me to audition for Seussical. I learned the entire score…