Here's What People Are Saying About Me ...


homepage-applauseThe Greek philosopher Epictetus famously said, “The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” I’ve been blessed to associate with some great people that have inspired me to be the best that I can be. Here are just a few examples:


I had the pleasure of directing Dayo Garritano in several musical productions with NewArts in Newtown, CT. This organization was formed to offer healing through the performing arts to the town wracked by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy on December 14, 2012.  Dayo has done three productions with us starting with a surprisingly authoritative debut for such a young performer as Scar in “Disney’s The Lion King” and his latest venture with us, Uncle Henry and the Guard in “The Wizard of Oz.” Dayo is intelligent, very dedicated, embraces the work with gusto and is great to have “in the room.”
Michael Unger
Producing Artistic Director, NewArts


* Michael Unger recently conceived and directed the world premiere of A Rockin' Midsummer Night's Dream, adapted and directed The 101 Dalmatians Musical and directed The Lion King, Liberty Smith, The Wizard of Oz and Seussical the Musical for NewArts. He is currently the Associate Artistic Director of The York Theatre in New York City. He also directed the concert From Broadway With Love (recently on PBS).

Dayo was a great asset to our team. In addition to making calls to constituents asking them for their support for Hillary Clinton, he was essential to the operation of our campaign headquarters, such as constructing lawn signs and guiding other volunteers if they had any questions. Dayo' s exceptionally high quality of work was recognized by our team. He succeeded at all assignments that were given to him and I truly enjoyed working with him. I believe that Dayo is a great leader and will continue to give back to his community in the near future.
Kayla Reasco
Field Organizer


* Kayla Reasco is a Field Organizer in the 4th Congressional District of Connecticut. She worked on the Hillary for America campaign leading up to the 2016 Connecticut Presidential Primary. She normally works for U.S. Senator Chris Murphy.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dayo the summer of 2015 while choreographing for 12.14 Foundation in Newtown, CT.  The show was called Liberty Smith.  My first impression of Dayo was that he seemed a bit shy, but he was tenacious and so wanted to learn.  All the young actors had to dance.  Dayo had to learn to partner a girl in a small minuet style dance and he stepped up to the plate. During the course of the 4-week rehearsal process I witnessed Dayo come out of his shell, open up and shine.
JoAnn M. Hunter
Broadway Choreographer


* JoAnn M. Hunter has over 19 Broadway shows to her credit as a choreographer, associate choreographer and performer. Most recently, she was the choreographer for Andrew Lloyd Webber's School Of Rock: The Musical.

The Great Expectations Gala is our major fundraiser of the year. Dayo was part of the crew that removed and re-configured our library furnishings and fixtures to accommodate a sit-down dinner and other festivities, and then got everything back in place quickly and accurately so we could open for business the next day. He was hard-working, followed instructions well and was a cheerful and helpful member of the crew. We were so pleased to have his help.
Mary Rindfleisch
Assistant Director


* Mary Rindfleisch is Assistant Director at the Ridgefield Library. Since opening in 1903, the Ridgefield Library has been an intellectual and cultural gathering place, adapting
to the changing needs of our community in an evolving world.

Dayo Garritano was cast as an actor in Once Upon A Mattress, that I directed at the Wooster School in Danbury, CT. He is a passionate student who loves musical theater. His talents would benefit any theater department that is lucky enough to have him as a student.
Don Bovingloh
Director of Theater


* Don Bovingloh has spent 40 years as a professional in show business as a writer, theater director, acting coach, and television producer. He is also an experienced performer with more than 300 appearances in film, television and theater in Los Angeles, New York and in between.